After acquisition of land, an allottee cannot be taken as necessary or proper party #legalupdates

Acquisition may either be for a “public purpose” or for a company. When land has been acquired for public purpose, land vests in State after the Collector has made an award and the possession is taken. Once the land vests in State, acquisition is complete. An allottee from the State is not concerned with the process of acquisition. State may transfer land by public auction or by allotment at any price with which the person whose land is acquired has no concern. The fact that Government chooses to determine the allotment price with reference to compensation price determined by the Court does not provide any locus to an allottee to contest the claim for enhancement of compensation. Post-acquisition, an allottee cannot be treated at par with beneficiary for whom the land was acquired and therefore is neither necessary nor a proper party in award proceedings.

Satish Kumar Gupta v. State of Haryana & Ors. 21.02.2017 Civil Appeal Nos. 1587-1636 Of 2017