6th Sep, 2018

A person can’t acquire Adverse Possession by simply remaining in permissive possession, for howsoever long it may be

The Supreme Court exposited that one who holds possession on behalf of another i.e. permissive possession, does not by mere denial of the other’s title, make his possession adverse so as to give himself the […]
5th Sep, 2018

There has to be an assertion of ownership title in the person who claims adverse possession to the knowledge of the true owner and the world at large.

In a recent judgment, the Hon’ble High Court of Delhi observed and held that it is the manifest duty of the person claiming adverse possession to prove that there was an assertion of hostile ownership […]
31st Aug, 2018

Under Section 47 of the Code of Civil Procedure 1908, only the Executing Court has the power to determine whether the decree has been satisfied.

In a recent judgment, the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India observed and held that it is the manifest duty of the executing court to execute the decree as it stands, without adding anything to it. […]
30th Aug, 2018

Until ground seeking eviction in terms of the concerned Rent Act is not made out, no eviction of a tenant can be ordered, even if the parties had entered into a compromise

The Apex court has held that eviction of a tenant, protected by a Rent Control Act of a state, may be ordered only when a valid ground for eviction under the said act is made […]
29th Aug, 2018

Restriction for Remarriage Under Hindu Marriage Act primarily applicable to parties contesting the Decree of Divorce.

The Supreme Court delivered an important judgment qua the provision in the Hindu Marriage Act 1955 which puts a condition on a divorcee in contracting a second marriage. It has been held that the protection […]
25th Aug, 2018

Defence of negligence can’t be raised in proceedings u/s 163A of Motor Vehicles Act.

The Supreme Court has upheld compensation awarded to the parents of deceased driver of the vehicle, reiterating that an insurer cannot be permitted to raise a defence of the negligence of the driver (victim) in […]
24th Aug, 2018

If the defendant fails to pursue his case or does so in a lackadaisical manner by not filing his written statement in a commercial suit, the courts should invoke the provisions of Order VIII Rule 10 to decree such cases.

In a recent judgment, the High Court of Delhi observed and held that Order VIII Rule 10 has been inserted by the legislature to expedite the process of justice. The courts can invoke its provisions […]
23rd Aug, 2018

Defendant is entitled to unconditional leave to defend a summary suit if he has a substantial defence with triable issues which is likely to succeed

In a recent judgment, the Delhi High Court, reiterated the principals of leave to defend in a suit filed under Order XXXVII of Civil Procedure Code, 1908 as crystallized by Hon’ble Supreme Court in IDBI […]
23rd Aug, 2018

Single co-owner cannot terminate tenancy for seeking recovery of possession when other co-owners object.

The Delhi High Court held that when there are various co-owners/co-landlords, only one co-owner/co-landlord cannot terminate the tenancy for seeking possession of the tenanted property and/or mesne profits. The observation was pronounced by an order […]
22nd Aug, 2018

It is for the Plaintiff to prove his case and Plaintiff cannot call upon the Court to order investigation by appointing expert under Order XXVI Rule 10-A

In a recent judgment, the Himachal Pradesh High Court, held that taking into consideration any dispute which does not require a local or scientific investigation, the Plaintiff cannot call upon the Court to order investigation […]
22nd Aug, 2018

There cannot be any oral gift of an immovable property, it can only be done by a registered instrument

The Delhi High Court has laid down that there cannot be any oral gift of an immovable property and that a gift becomes legally effectively only when a registered instrument is executed in the manner […]
22nd Aug, 2018

Children born out of a void marriage are entitled to a share only in the separate property and not to the joint family properties of their father

The Bombay High Court held that though Section 16 of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 confers legitimacy upon an offspring born out of a void marriage, such offspring is not entitled to a share in […]