6th Jun, 2016

Order of the Magistrate refusing to take cognizance revisable by Sessions Court #indianlaws

The order of the Magistrate refusing to take cognizance is revisable. This power of revision can be exercised by the superior Court, which in this case, will be the Court of Sessions itself, either on […]
6th Jun, 2016

Mere disregard of some code or procedure is not enough to establish guilt under Prevention of Corruption Act #indianlaws

Where the attempt of the prosecution was to bring the case within the fold of clause (ii) alleging that he misused his official position in issuing the certificate utterly fails as it is not even […]
22nd May, 2016

HC to apply its mind while granting or non granting of appeal u/s 378 of CrPC #indianlaws

  In deciding the question whether requisite leave should or should not be granted, the High Court must apply its mind, consider whether prima facie case has been made out or arguable points have been […]
20th May, 2016

Conviction cannot be based on the only circumstance of ‘last seen together’ #indianlaws

A conviction cannot be based on the only circumstance of last seen together. Normally, last seen theory comes into play where the time gap, between the point of time when the accused and the deceased […]
20th May, 2016

Right to life include right to live with dignity; Human dignity is a constitutional value and a goal #indianlaws

The rights that are guaranteed to differently abled persons under the Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation Act, 1995 are founded on the sound principle of human dignity which is the core value […]
20th May, 2016

Application of Part I of the Arbitration Act, 1996 is excluded where seat of Arbitration is outside India #indianlaws

Where the parties choose a juridical seat of Arbitration outside India and provide that the law which governs Arbitration will be a law other than Indian law, part I of the Act would not have […]
20th May, 2016

Power to release land from acquisition cannot be exercised arbitrarily and has be consistent with the doctrine of public trust #indianlaws

Use of power for a purpose different from the one for which power is conferred is colourable exercise of power. Statutory and public power is trust and the authority on whom such power is conferred […]
16th May, 2016

Waiting period in divorce by mutual consent waived after considering educational background of parties #indianlaws

In this case, the Court after considering the educational background of the parties, and the entire facts and circumstances, held that the situation posed was peculiar where the Court should invoke its jurisdiction under Article […]
16th May, 2016

Family Court empowered to give declaration – no matter whether relief is affirmative or negative #indianlaws

Supreme Court observed that under Section 7(1) Explanation (b), a Suit or a proceeding for a declaration as to the validity of both marriage and matrimonial status of a person is within the exclusive jurisdiction […]
12th May, 2016

It is not the form in which deed is clothed, but the nature of transaction, which is decisive #indianlaws

A document, as is well known, must be read in its entirety. When character of a document is in question, although the heading thereof would not be conclusive, it plays a significant role. Intention of […]
9th May, 2016

In the case of a valid nomination, a Cooperative Society is liable to transfer the share or interest of a member in the name of the nominee #indianlaws

Where a member of a cooperative society nominates a person in consonance with the provisions of the Rules, on the death of such member, the cooperative society is mandated to transfer all the share or […]
9th May, 2016

For quashing of proceedings against a Director u/s 138/141 of the Act it must be shown that no offence is made out against him and quashing is not to be granted merely on asking #indianlaws

When in view of the basic averment process is issued, the complaint must proceed against the Directors. But, if any Director of a company wants the process to be quashed by filing a petition under […]