21st Feb, 2014

Distribution of State largesse by Public Authority

While a Public Authority cannot distribute State largesse arbitrarily, and all the eligible persons have to be allowed level playing field
21st Feb, 2014

Partnership between two Hindu Undivided Families (HUF)

Issue relating to Registration of Partnership firm formed by two Hindu Undivided Families for the purposes of provisions of the Income Tax Act and conditions necessary in connection related thereto.
21st Feb, 2014

Recognition of Foreign Matrimonial Judgement in India #indianlaws #marriagelaws

Supreme Court dealt with the issue relating to Recognition of Foreign Matrimonial Judgment in India when parties to marriage are Hindu and the scope of applicable statutory provisions in connection thereto
18th Feb, 2014

Valuation of suit of Cancellation for the purpose of Court Fees Act

In a suit for cancellation of sale deed which was executed for a specified amount, the Court Fee has to be paid on that amount and not on the basis of the market value of […]
16th Feb, 2014

Scope of Sections 397 and 398 read with Sections 402 and 403 of the Companies Act, 1956

Section 397 of the Act empowers the Company Law Board to make such orders as it thinks fit with a view to bring an end to the matters complained of.
10th Feb, 2014

Whether protection of Rent Control legislation are available to premises covered under Public Premises Act, 1971

Whether the tenants as well as licencees, who are protected under the respective State Laws could be called unauthorised occupants on applying the provisions prescribed under the Public Premises Act
10th Feb, 2014

Whether filing of Form No. 32 or acceptance of resignation submitted by a Director is necessary for the same to be effective?

A Director is placed in a fiduciary position to that of a company and, therefore, it is the duty of a Director to ensure that the assets of the company are preserved and protected.
3rd Feb, 2014

Effecting recovery prior to expiry of time limit for filing appeal against order directing recovery- Whether permissible?

No recovery of tax is to be made unless the time limit for filing an appeal has expired or till the disposal of a stay application
29th Jan, 2014

Whether entertainment tax on DTH is the levy on “broadcasting service” inviting Service Tax?

In case of Direct-to-Home (DTH) broadcasting, service is on account of activity of transmission of signals which is received by the dish antenna for which “service tax” is levied
29th Jan, 2014

Whether non-filing of Income Tax return are grounds for invocation of the provisions of Section 276CC of the Income Tax Act 1961?

Assessee has to file the return under Section 139(1) of the Act on or before the due date.
29th Jan, 2014

Conflict between Forest Act 1927 and Maharashtra Private Forests (Acquisition) Act, 1975

Notice under Section 35(3) of the Forest Act, 1927, pre-supposes the existence of a forest
23rd Jan, 2014

Trans-Border Reputation in laws of Trademark

Trans-Border Reputation in laws of Trademark