2nd May, 2013

Gulabari vs. Gulavari: Delhi High Court decides in favour of Dabur India Limited

GULAVARI was bound to cause confusion in the mind of the consumers about the source of the rose water on account of its deceptive similarity to Dabur’s registered trade mark GULABARI
1st May, 2013

FDI bone finally goes down the Centre’s neck – Consumers to get International shopping flavour

Supreme Court upholding hte proposal to allow Foreign Direct Investment in Multi-brand retail trade
30th Apr, 2013

Delhi High Court returns happiness to Delhi realtors?

Delhi High Court dilutes Suraj Lamp Judgement
18th Apr, 2013

Victory to Local and Global Environmentalist- Niyamgiri Judgement

Stage II clearance for the Bauxite Mining Project – Apex Court’s landmark Judgment on Mining in Niyamagiri Hills
1st Apr, 2013

A win-win situation for domestic Pharmecutical Concerns and Patents

The Apex Court vides its recent judgment rejected Swiss drugmaker Novartis AG’s plea for patent protection of its cancer drug Glivec.