8th Oct, 2018

In motor accidents claim parents are entitled to be awarded loss of consortium under the head of filial consortium.

The Supreme Court has observed that in a case where a parent has lost their minor child, or unmarried son or daughter, the parents are entitled to be awarded loss of consortium and the is […]
3rd Oct, 2018

An unregistered mortgage deed is inadmissible in evidence however it is valid proof of possession in a claim for adverse possession

The Apex Court held that the though an unregistered mortgage deed is not admissible as a document of title however, the same could be relied on for collateral purposes such as a proof of possession […]
29th Sep, 2018

Illegal construction in Kant Enclave after 18.08.1992 has caused irreversible damage to ecology and environment of the said area and therefore the same is to be demolished

In a recent landmark judgment, the Supreme Court, held that the construction made in Kant Enclave, Faridabad, Haryana are to be demolished as being in contravention to notification under Section 4 of the Punjab Land […]
28th Sep, 2018

Stamp Duty not necessary for enforcing foreign Arbitration Awards in India

The Apex Court in a recent judgment have stated that payment of stamp duty under the Indian Stamp Act is not necessary for the enforcement of foreign arbitration awards in India, thereby laying at rest […]
24th Sep, 2018

Tenant can’t be evicted on the ground of ‘Change of User’ if there is no Negative Covenant in the Lease Agreement restricting usage of premises for any other purpose

The Supreme Court has held that in the absence of any negative covenant in the lease agreement restricting the tenant to run business only relating to the purpose for which the premises were let out, […]
20th Sep, 2018

No decision of Committee of Creditors can be made effective without getting minimum 75% of voting share.

As per Section 21 (8) of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016, all decisions of the ‘committee of creditors’ are required to be taken by a vote of not less than 75% of the voting […]
19th Sep, 2018

If reforms are to be brought about in the process of election, it can only be done vide an amendment of legislation

In a recent judgment, the Supreme Court, held that the High Court of Calcutta was in error in issuing directions for the acceptance of nomination in electronic form. The said ruling was delivered in the […]
19th Sep, 2018

Petition filed under Section 7 of I&B Code 2016 cannot be defeated upon the ground of appointment of arbitrator.

The ground for appointment of arbitrator cannot be taken as a ground in defeating an application under Section 7 of the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 though it is permissible to take such a ground […]
18th Sep, 2018

Letter of administration to be granted for an immovable property if all other legal heirs served through publication and have not contested the petition

In a recent judgment, the Delhi High Court, held that when two Class II legal heirs have filed their no-objection to the petition for grant of letter of administration and other Class II heirs have […]
18th Sep, 2018

Jurisdiction of the Court for Trademark Infringement can be invoked under CPC or Trade Marks Act

The Delhi High Court in the instant matter gave a wide interpretation as to what constitutes “use of a trade mark”. Court has held that in a trade mark action, use of mark includes not […]
17th Sep, 2018

The tenant is liable to pay mesne profit even if he continued to pay the monthly rent after the termination of the lease deed

In a recent judgment, the Delhi High Court, held that the mere acceptance of rent does not amount to waiver of notice to quit unless there is any other evidence to prove or establish that […]
17th Sep, 2018

A suit filed on the basis of an open, mutual and current account, limitation commences at the end of the financial year for which the transactions are entered into

The Delhi High Court held that when a suit is based on current, open, mutual account, the period of limitation as per Article I of the Limitation Act commences at the end of the financial […]