Himachal Pradesh High Court

22nd Aug, 2018

It is for the Plaintiff to prove his case and Plaintiff cannot call upon the Court to order investigation by appointing expert under Order XXVI Rule 10-A

In a recent judgment, the Himachal Pradesh High Court, held that taking into consideration any dispute which does not require a local or scientific investigation, the Plaintiff cannot call upon the Court to order investigation […]
11th Oct, 2015

Entries of mutation and jamabandi are public documents and thus admissible in evidence #indianlaws

The Himachal Pradesh High Court has held, that  public documents in the form of entries of mutation and jamabandi are relevant facts under Section 35 of the Indian Evidence Act 1872 and therefore admissible in evidence.
24th Nov, 2014

Writ Court cannot direct grant of compensation towards acquisition where action suffers from delay and latches

No direction under Article 226 of the Constitution against the State to initiate land acquisition proceedings in respect of land after lapse of sufficient time could be issued. 
7th Jun, 2014

Compensation in respect of land acquired can be attached #indianlaws

Whether the amount of compensation can be attached, was the question before the Court.
12th Aug, 2013

Any Award passed by Arbitrator in violation of the bar contained in the Contract is bad.

In a contract where time is the essence, the promisee if due to reasons of negligence or delay on the part of promisor fails to deliver and suffers losses, is entitled to make good losses […]