Madhya Pradesh High Court

15th Mar, 2015

High Court can quash certain non-compoundable offence under Section 482 Cr P C

Criminal cases having overwhelmingly and pre-dominatingly civil favour stand on different footing for the purposes of quashing, particularly the offences arising from commercial, financial, mercantile, civil, partnership or such like transactions or the offences arising […]
11th Dec, 2014

Inchoate instruments are also valid and legally enforceable

Once the execution of Cheque is admitted, it shall be taken that the cheque was issued by the accused in favour of the complainant towards the discharge of the liability. 
1st Dec, 2014

Winding up Petition not a legitimate mean to seek payment of dues when there exist a bonafide dispute

The creditor in order to seek winding up of a company must prove that the debt is clear and unimpeachable in law and the debt must have crystallized and if the accounts are not settled, […]
6th Jun, 2014

Interest on award cannot be claimed merely because compensation has been enhanced #indianlaws

 A claimant or decree-holder who has received the entire amount awarded by the Reference Court or who had notice of the deposit of the entire amount so awarded cannot claim interest on the amount he […]