Orissa High Court

7th Jun, 2018

Burden of proof to establish that transaction was entered into by pardanashin lady, after clearly understanding its nature, rests upon person who seeks to sustain a transaction

Orissa High Court has held that the burden of proof shall always rest upon the person who seeks to sustain a transaction entered into with a pardanashin lady to establish that the said document was […]
18th Mar, 2015

Capacity of wife to earn is a relevant factor for determining alimony in matrimonial proceedings #indianlaws

Wife’s capacity to earn after separation is also a relevant factor to be kept in mind in determinig alimony. Similarly the responsibility which the wife would have bourne had the relationship continued is also a […]
21st Feb, 2014

Distribution of State largesse by Public Authority

While a Public Authority cannot distribute State largesse arbitrarily, and all the eligible persons have to be allowed level playing field