Case Analysis

6th Jun, 2014

Lapse of Land Acquisiton under Section 24 of the RFCTLARR 2013 #indianlaws

The Supreme Court in Shiv Raj’s Judgement held that in calculating the period of five years the period spent in litigation shall be included leading to lapse of acquisiton. Though the judgement is not categorical […]
30th May, 2014

Software infringement or piracy, appointment of Local Commissioner #indianlaws

Delhi High Court in the present matter namely, Autodesk Inc and Anr. vs. A.V.T. Shankardass and Anr. [AIR 2008 Delhi 167: 2008(37)PTC581(Del)], provided guidelines which the Court may take into consideration while dealing with the […]
30th May, 2014

Writ jurisdiction not meant to decide claim arising out of non-statutory contracts #indianlaws

A writ of Mandamus was sought in the present matter pertaining to alleged non-payment of dues under a contract of supply of goods. High Court held that in matter of such nature it would neither […]
30th May, 2014

The act of the wife in asking money is not an act of cruelty #indianlaws

Merely because there are allegation and counter allegation, a decree of divorce cannot follow.
30th May, 2014

Husband cannot avoid to pay maintence to his wife by voluntarily incapacity #indianlaws

When the husband has voluntarily incapacitated himself from earning, he cannot avoid his liability to maintain his wife and child
30th May, 2014

Company Court is not a debt collecting agency #indianlaws

The proceedings before a Company Court are not recovery proceedings and the Company Court cannot be used as a debt collecting agency
30th May, 2014

Once pre-deposit is waived off, the consequential interest also has to be waived off #indianlaws

Once the realization of the principal liability was stayed and condition of pre-deposit was waived off,
30th May, 2014

Remedy under an order under Section 9 A & C Act is similar to Order 39 CPC #indianlaws

Grant or refusal of an interim measure of protection by way of an ad-interim order under Section 9 of the Act is, thus, an appealable order under Section 37
30th May, 2014

Transfer of Property Act is not applicable to the Government grants #indianlaws

Government grant of lease of land is governed entirely by the terms of the grant
21st May, 2014

Applicablitity of Section 24 of new Land Acquisition Act, 2013 #indianlaws

Applicablitity of Section 24 of new land acquisition Act discussed in view of circular dated 14th March, 2014
21st May, 2014

Pay up dishonoured cheque amount within 15 days of receipt of Court summons to free your-self from penal consequences

Any drawer who claims that he did not receive the notice sent by post, can, within 15 days of receipt of summons from the Court can make payment of the cheque amount
21st May, 2014

Testing time for Real Estate Sector, another set back to DLF after Supertech #indianlaws

Testing time for Real Estate Sector, another set back after Supertech Judgement