Code of Civil Procedure 1908

20th Nov, 2018

A summary judgment may be passed, without recording evidence, if it appears that the defendant has no real prospect of defending the claim or has failed to file written statement

The Delhi High Court relying on Order XIII-A of the Commercial Courts Act, 2015 held that where the defendant has no real prospect of defending the claim, a summary judgement may be passed without any […]
15th Nov, 2018

Suit for Mere Injunction not maintainable when Defendant can successfully raise cloud over Plaintiff’s title

The Supreme Court has reiterated that a suit for bare injunction would not be maintainable when a defendant could successfully raise cloud over the title of the Plaintiff. The said decision was made in the […]
31st Oct, 2018

Only a legal issue which affects the jurisdiction of the court can be decided as a preliminary issue under Order XIV Rule 2 of Code of Civil Procedure, 1908.

The Delhi High Court clarified that only an issue which is of a legal nature and affects the jurisdiction of the court falling within the meaning of Order XIV Rule 2 of Code of Civil […]
26th Oct, 2018

“Sufficient Cause”: When Defendant sincerely intended to remain present when suit was called on for hearing

In an application filed under Order IX Rule 13, it was opined that sufficient cause is when Defendant has bona fide intention to be present before Court when called upon to do so. This was […]
23rd Oct, 2018

SARFESI Act 2002 has an overriding effect on other laws, including Code of Civil Procedure

A peculiar situation came before the Bombay High Court in the matter of M/s Corporation Bank vs. Hon’ble Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (Writ Petition No. 11729/2018) which was decided on 22nd October, 2018. In this matter […]
16th Oct, 2018

In absence of any urgency, matter cannot be referred to a Commissioner for recording of evidence without the consent of parties

This was held by the Hon’ble High Court of New Delhi in the matter of Savita Devi v. Lalit Kumar, CM (M) No. 1203 of 2018, on 3rd October, 2018. Challenge: The Petitioner/wife impugns order […]
18th Sep, 2018

Jurisdiction of the Court for Trademark Infringement can be invoked under CPC or Trade Marks Act

The Delhi High Court in the instant matter gave a wide interpretation as to what constitutes “use of a trade mark”. Court has held that in a trade mark action, use of mark includes not […]
17th Sep, 2018

The tenant is liable to pay mesne profit even if he continued to pay the monthly rent after the termination of the lease deed

In a recent judgment, the Delhi High Court, held that the mere acceptance of rent does not amount to waiver of notice to quit unless there is any other evidence to prove or establish that […]
14th Sep, 2018

Principle of Molding Relief can’t be invoked at an Interlocutory Stage

The Supreme Court has observed that principle of molding of relief could at best be resorted to at the time of consideration of final relief in the main suit and not at an interlocutory stage. […]
31st Aug, 2018

Under Section 47 of the Code of Civil Procedure 1908, only the Executing Court has the power to determine whether the decree has been satisfied.

In a recent judgment, the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India observed and held that it is the manifest duty of the executing court to execute the decree as it stands, without adding anything to it. […]
24th Aug, 2018

If the defendant fails to pursue his case or does so in a lackadaisical manner by not filing his written statement in a commercial suit, the courts should invoke the provisions of Order VIII Rule 10 to decree such cases.

In a recent judgment, the High Court of Delhi observed and held that Order VIII Rule 10 has been inserted by the legislature to expedite the process of justice. The courts can invoke its provisions […]
22nd Aug, 2018

It is for the Plaintiff to prove his case and Plaintiff cannot call upon the Court to order investigation by appointing expert under Order XXVI Rule 10-A

In a recent judgment, the Himachal Pradesh High Court, held that taking into consideration any dispute which does not require a local or scientific investigation, the Plaintiff cannot call upon the Court to order investigation […]