Commercial division and Commercial Appellate Division of High Courts Act 2015

20th Nov, 2018

A summary judgment may be passed, without recording evidence, if it appears that the defendant has no real prospect of defending the claim or has failed to file written statement

The Delhi High Court relying on Order XIII-A of the Commercial Courts Act, 2015 held that where the defendant has no real prospect of defending the claim, a summary judgement may be passed without any […]
9th Oct, 2018

In commercial suits, summary judgment can be passed without recording evidence

This was held by the Hon’ble High Court at Delhi in the matter Sandisk LLC & Anr v. Memory World, CS (COMM) No. 659/2018 on 12th September, 2018. Challenge In a suit for permanent injunction […]
19th Feb, 2017

Which orders can be appealed against under Commercial Courts Act #indianlaws

Division Bench of Delhi High Court in the matter of HPL (India) Limited Vs. QRQ Enterprise, FAO (OS) (COMM) No. 12/2017 was considering the effect of Section 13 of Commercial Courts, Commercial division and Commercial […]