Competition Commission of India

22nd Nov, 2018

Rounding off Railway fares by Indian Railways and IRCTC prima facie abuse of dominance

The Competition Commission of India has made a prima facie finding that the practice of Railways to round off the base price to the next higher multiple of 5 for tickets booked online through IRCTC […]
4th Jun, 2018

National Company Law Appellate Tribunal is not justified in dismissing the main appeal for non-compliance of the direction to deposit the amount as a condition for grant of stay

  Supreme Court has held Appeals to Appellate Tribunal under Section 53B of the Competition Act 2002 does not impose any condition of pre-deposit for entertaining the appeal. Therefore, right to file the appeal and […]
24th Sep, 2014

Regulatory actions are not amenable to the jurisdiction of Competition Commission #indianlaws

Issue of abuse of dominance by IRDA did not arise and no case of contravention of the provisions of section 4 of the Act was made out against IRDA.
30th Aug, 2014

Automobile Companies charged with mammoth penalty by Competition Commission of India #indianlaws

The Commission observed that in deciding the remedies its primary objective is to correct the distortions in the aftermarket, to provide corrective measures to make the market more competitive, to eradicate practices having foreclosure effects […]
31st Jul, 2014

Manufacturer restricting market to its authorised sellers alone does not amounts to abuse of dominance #indianlaws

Offline and online markets differ in terms of discounts and shopping experience and buyers weigh the options available in both markets and decides accordingly. If the price in the online market increase significantly, then the […]
21st May, 2014

Testing time for Real Estate Sector, another set back to DLF after Supertech #indianlaws

Testing time for Real Estate Sector, another set back after Supertech Judgement
2nd May, 2014

NOIDA is the sole authority to identify and develop sites for varied land uses #indianlaws

NOIDA is the sole authority to identify and develop sites for varied land uses and to allocate plots/properties in accordance with State policies
2nd May, 2014

Criterion for determining if tendering/ bidding is anti-competitive #indianlaws

Informant, a Company engaged in the business of providing application software solutions and services, particularly to the agencies of the Government of India, State Governments, UTs, PSUs, semi-government agencies etc. The informant filed the present […]
3rd Apr, 2014

Institute of Chartered Accountant(ICAI) is an enterprise within the meaning of Competition Act, 2002

Non-regulatory activities of ICAI would fall within the definition of ‘enterprise’ as organizing of CPE seminars cannot be understood as sovereign function attracting exemption under the definition of ‘enterprise’. #CompetitionAct  
3rd Apr, 2014

Predation through Judicial process-An increasing threat to Competition #indianlaws

Competition Commission formed a prima facie opinion that JCB by abusing their dominant position in the relevant market sought to stifle competition in the relevant market
5th Nov, 2013

Restriction in the Service contract against taking employment with the competitiors raises no Competition issue

A clause in service contract restricting an employee from taking employment with the competitors, after he leaves the employment, for a particular period, raises no competition issue.
6th Aug, 2013

Any agreement having an appreciable adverse effect on competition within India is void.

Agreement may be explicit or tacit – may be conveyed by a nod or wink