Indian Registration Act 1908

6th Jun, 2018

Difference between extension and renewal of lease deed

Calcutta High Court in a matter laid down the difference between “extension” and “renewal” of the lease deed. It was held that in the case of renewal, a new lease is required while in the […]
27th Feb, 2014

Sale through General Power of Attorney-A Bad Sale

Sale is perhaps the most popular mode of transfer of immovable property in India. Gift and Exchange are the other modes which transfer the rights, titles and interest in the property with immediate effect.
7th Oct, 2013

Mortgage by deposit of title deeds whether requires compulsory registration?

When borrower and the creditor choose to reduce a contract in writing as the sole evidence of terms between them, It since becoming integral part of the transaction, shall require registration under Section 17 of […]
30th Apr, 2013

Delhi High Court returns happiness to Delhi realtors?

Delhi High Court dilutes Suraj Lamp Judgement