Continuance in service for long time no right to seek regularisation

Supreme Court in the matter of Secretary to Govt Vs. A Singamuthu Civil Appeal no. 3770/2017 decided on 7th March, 2017 held Part-time or casual employment is meant to serve the exigencies of administration. It is a settled principle of law that continuance in service for long period on part-time or temporary basis confers no right to seek regularisation in service. The person who is engaged on temporary or casual basis is well aware of the nature of his employment and he consciously accepted the same at the time of seeking employment. Generally, while directing that temporary or part-time appointments be regularised or made permanent, the courts are swayed by the long period of service rendered by the employees. However, this may not be always a correct approach to adopt especially when the scheme of regularisation is missing from the Rule book and regularisation casts huge financial implications on public exchequer.