Deficiency in service on part of the Bank when title deeds under their custody are lost #legalupdates

In a case, before the National Commission, Bank took a stand that document had been ‘misplaced’, there shall still be a possibility that, document could be recovered at a later stage and returned to complainant. However, if Bank had intimated to the complainant that, documents had been “lost”, cause of action would have started from date of receiving said intimation. In present case, therefore, it is established beyond doubt that since Bank has been taking the stand that, document was ‘misplaced’, cause of action had not accrued to complainant all these years, and hence, complaint filed by them cannot be stated to be beyond limitation in terms of Section 24A of Consumer Protection Act, 1986.

Secretary/Manager, Mayyanad Regional Co-Operative Bank v. Ebrahimkutty